Hotmelt processing systems


Hotmelt moulding: protecting, coating, sealing.

Hotmelt moulding is simply ideal for protecting delicate components from ambient influences, such as dust, salt water or solar radiation - or even just from prying eyes. It manages with minimum pressure to ensure that there's no damage to your electronic components. We've got just the machine you need to give you the ideal solution for your special requirements.

TM 2200 Hotmelt Vergussplattform

Hotmelt moulding platform TM 2200

Entry-level machine for hotmelt moulding for WERNER WIRTH

For example, the hotmelt moulding machine TM2200 which we developed for our customer WERNER WIRTH. This is a low-cost entry level model for hotmelt moulding. It can be operated with just one hand and takes all common standard moulds. The moulding platform is supplied by tank units or extruders.

Hotmelt moulding platform TM 2200

Hotmelt Vergussplattform TM 2300, Vollmodulare Verarbeitungsmaschine
TM 2300
Hotmelt Vergussplattform

Hotmelt moulding platform TM 2300

Fully modular processing machine for nearly every application for WERNER WIRTH

Again for WERNER WIRTH, we have designed a highly flexible model: moulding station TM2300. This multi-talent can use all common standard mould concepts with the available mould holders, through to hot-runner moulds. It's extremely easy to change the moulds, which come without loose hoses or hose connections. The standard closing force is 1400 kg, and can easily be extended. A switch box can be used on request to operate two TM2300 platforms with just one material supply, offering optimum value for money.

Hotmelt moulding platform TM 2300

Our processing machines have names like TM2200 or CP 1000. And they do exactly as they're told.