Crimp machines

Our machines produce the best connections.

Crimping is one of the key connecting and processing techniques in the electrical industry. Whether crimping, pressing, folding or cold forming, our machines reliably carry out the common joining processes. Among others, we guarantee corrosion-proof production and high-precision pressing tools.

CP 1000

Crimp press for SMT IPC and IDC contacts for WERNER WIRTH

The semi-automatic CP 1000 developed for our customer WERNER WIRTH, for example, reliably connects many different circuit boards with leads. System highlight: individually adjusted tool holder, controlled part insertion outside the crimp zone and laser pointer for visual pre-positioning. The pneumatic crimp press was developed for the ZIERICK wire-to-board connectors, such as the crimp IPCs (insulation piercing connectors) and the IDCs (insulation displacement connectors).

CP 1000

Our processing machines have names like TM2200 or CP 1000. And they do exactly as they're told.