Laser welding

The fastest way to replace a tool: repair it.

Completely rebuilding a damaged tool is both costly and time-consuming. Particularly when the whole production workflow suffers. The same applies when tools are to be changed. This is why we have included laser welding in our range of services.

Our specially trained staff know how to pinpoint the Alpha Laser with precise energy input. Even complicated geometries can be welded with minimum heat influence, with only marginal microstructure modifications and low thermal distortion. Cavity-free welds are another advantage of reworking with laser welding methods.

This technology lets you avoid long waiting times, with your tool ready for use again as soon as possible.

Oh, and by the way, that's exactly what we mean by holistic approach: as soon as it makes sense to repair a part rather than fititng a new one, this is exactly the recommendation we'll give you.

If one of our tools needs to be repaired or changed, this really sparks our interest.